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If you are here because you are in George Barker’s Directory you may skip most of this introduction. If you click in the Old Boys link you will be taken to on on-line version of the Directory. This will be kept up-to-date. Initially you will have to click the link that requests a username and password. There is an space for you to enter a short biographical sketch of yourself. Please do avail yourself of this opportunity – and to see what has become of your school friends! 

If you were at the School after 1967 you will not find your name here. This is because we cannot search for the vast number of pupils that have been at the school since the merger of the Grammar and the Secondary Modern in 1967. Similarly, if you were at the Secondary Modern you will not be listed. The numbers on Friends Reunited rises dramatically from the 70s onwards and you will almost certainly find old friends there at Friends Reunited 

If you are not in the Directory and are an Old Boy of the School you may still request a user code and password. We would also ask you to tell us when you were at the School and which House you were in, and to provide contact details. You will then be added to the Directory which is issued as a booklet each October.

If you are not an Old Boy please feel free to wander around the other parts of the site.

There is a complete list of pupils and masters 1920-1967 on the site and also some School photos. Accompanying these are lists of the boys we have identified with an option for you to identify any of the others you recognise. Do not be shy of telling us we’re wrong! It won’t be the first time.

This website is an indirect result of the immense amount of work done by George Barker (1951-1959) who published in 2001 an excellent book called The Slog Smugglers about his time at the school. He had been in contact with some Old Boys (who in turn were in contact with others) but he bemoaned the fact that there was no way of finding more. In early 2002 he and I got in contact and I mentioned I had ways of searching for people. The result is that we have now accounted for 1435 of the 2500 we are hoping to find.

In addition to this site there is also available a CD of School memorabilia that has been produced by Tony Abrahams. This contains a large collection of school, form and other photos, all the School Magazines and various other miscellaneous items.

Any suggestions for improvement, additions etc to the site will be welcomed by the webmaster. Just click on contact and send us your thoughts.

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Steyning Grammar School Memorabilia CD

All the School Magazines from the 30s to the 60s.
The school photographs we have copies of (earliest 1932; latest 1966) with names and the opportunity to identify those people not yet identified.
Full list of pupils and masters 1920-1967.
Various house and form photographs.
Miscellaneous photographs.
Playbills and other suchlike miscellanea.

It is available from Tony Abrahams for
the extremely reasonable amount of £10


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